Chapter 10
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Title The first day back
Wordcount 7.607
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Summary Edit

Harry dreams of a memory he would rather forgot. The dream is the memory of the day Susan lost her arm. The dream ends when Harry is told his teammate might not make it while at the same time someone is watching him from the distance. After he woke up he went on his first morning run since the end of his war. After the run Harry decide he will continue to do this for the foreseeable future.  Before breakfast Harry is given the notes regarding the ritual from Dumbledore and Harry has his first somewhat suspicious meeting with Blaise. He then attends his first ever Runes lessons and meets the somewhat eccentric professor Babbling who gives him a small test to gauge his level. It is revealed while Harry has some knowledge he still has much to learn. For the class a groups assignment is given. Harry is part of a group consisting of himself, Alex, Rose and Astoria.